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How to Install a RockShox Reverb Seatpost


Reverb Update: I have now used the Reverb for 2 seasons. The only problem that I had mid-season last year was a broken barb at the remote end ($14 at LBS). Pretty cheap and easy fix. However, at the start of this season I noticed the extended seat sagged about 1/4″ when I sat on…

Best Kid’s 24” Mountain Bike

2011 Rocky Mountain Reaper 24

UPDATE: Since this post, I have come across a few other options that may work for some people. These are pricey solutions but if you have the cash these look like great alternatives. Again, I think weight is the biggest thing. I emailed Brian below and the Phenom weighs in at approximately 29lbs. That is…

Video: Lily the Mountain Biking Dog at Trailside

I just came across this video again, filmed at the Trailside bike park in Utah. Who doesn’t love this little dog?!

Santa Cruz Blur LT Sizing: Large or Medium


There is a lot of chatter on the Web about which size Blur to ride. The line between a large and medium is exactly the height of the average North American / European male, 5’10″.  Makes sense that so many are asking which size to buy. I have ridden both a medium and large. I am…

Video: MTB Downhill Champion riding Keystone Standard Basin!

Video: MTB Downhill Champion riding Keystone Standard Basin!

I rode Keystone Standard Basin in Revelstoke a couple weeks ago.  Super fun!  Here is a short vid of me on the return leg with a little audio edit!  Oh well, my kids thought it was kinda cool…    

Online Map of Utah MTB Trails

The Skid Map

Here is a great map of Utah trails (including secret ones)!  Cool thing is that they include some Colorado and Arizona MTB trails as well.  The map is produced by the The “SkidMap” Project: an ongoing effort to build GPS based resources for mountain bikers in Utah. Part of this effort is compiling all the trail…

How to Install Hydraulic Disc Brakes on Kid’s 24” MTB

Avid Elixir 3

Since my post on picking the best 24″ kids bike I have had lots of questions about disc brakes. Most folks want to get disc brakes but are unsure of hydraulic brakes. The fact is that it’s really hard to find a 24″ bike with hydraulic brakes, other than the Konas.  Probably a cost issue.  However, after…

Online Map of Rossland Mountain Bike Trails


Our local trail building and maintenance organization, the Kootenay Columbia Trail Society has redone their website and included a cool new interactive Google Map.  It shows all the official trails in the system. There are a few more out there that are super fun, but you will have to ask a local about those.  I don’t…

Video: Fernie Wam Bam Dirt Jump Jam!

Wam Bam Dirt Jump Jam 2012

Next weekend is the Fernie Wam Bam Dirt Jump Jam 2012!  Check out last year’s cool video by Nic Genovese and Music by Calvin Harris, “The Rain”…   Wam Bam Dirt Jump Jam 2011 on Pinkbike  

Video: Whistler A Line with Foo Fighters!

Video: Whistler A Line with Foo Fighters!

After seeing Foo Fighters live at New Orleans Jazz Fest, I have a renewed ear for them. Add in some bike park video from the bike park mecca of BC and you have a fun little video!  Thanks 11Cglax for putting it together.