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Santa Cruz Blur LT Sizing: Large or Medium


There is a lot of chatter on the Web about which size Blur to ride. The line between a large and medium is exactly the height of the average North American / European male, 5’10″.  Makes sense that so many are asking which size to buy. I have ridden both a medium and large. I am…

Sedona vs. Moab: Which is better?

Mike Levy: Sedona MTB

After spending 5 days each in both Sedona, AZ and Moab, UT I can say that my next MTB trip will be to Sedona.  Here are a few reasons why: 1.  Easy Access There are only a few folks on the planet that I can be in  a car for more than 8 hours, so…

Video Review: ReTread (Mountain Biking in the 90′s)

Foster Brothers: Board vs. Bike

After I watched the trailer for the 1996 classic ReTread, I paid $10 and downloaded the full 90 minute movie.  Bar ends, grip shifts, zero suspension, disc-less brakes and narrow handle bars abound in the film that shows how spoiled we are today!  I enjoyed watching all the various differences between today and 17 years…

Review of “From the Inside Out”

From The Inside Out

I just downloaded and watched From the Inside Out.  Great 37 minute freeride flick, with a Rossland segment to boot!  Some might say that is too short but I prefer short vs. long drawn out affairs.  Who wants to spend 2 hours watching someone else having fun when you could be out riding yourself?! Loved that…

Rossland: IMBA Ride Center?

Mid Mountain Trail Epic

Yesterday I attended the all candidates meeting for the City of Rossland’s upcoming municipal election.  One of the questions to the candidates revolved around making Rossland more of an all-season recreation area.  That got me thinking about Park City, UT which was just awarded the designation of Gold-Level Ride Center by the International Mountain Bicycling…

“Mountain Biker Lost in Abandoned Mine Shaft!”


Two years ago tonight, 3 Rossland high school students were accidentally locked in an old abandoned mine shaft.  They were putting on a Halloween fright night where people would tour through the old mine and get surprised by the kids jumping from the shadows.   Unfortunately they were the ones that got the fright.  It all turned…

Punched in the Face!

Black Eye

This weekend I had the worst ride of my season.  From the start I should have read the signs and simply abandoned the ride.  Instead I kept pushing through the challenges until finally the Universe said “Enough already, stop riding!”, and then proceeded to punch me in the face. It all started with a phone…

Video: “World’s Best Commute”

Putting on Slacker Radio before morning commute

My morning commute is a bit different from most folks’.  There is no traffic, no people, some wildlife and over 2000 ft of vertical.  I use a network of trails to mountain bike most of the way to work.  When I tell people about my commute I get some confused looks and some common questions….

Quick Review: 2011 Santa Cruz Blur LT

2011 Santa Cruz Blur LT on the Seven Summits

Riding my Reign X1 on the Seven Summits is great for the downhill sections.  I can open it up and rip along without any concern about terrain.  However, on the uphill sections I feel like I am pulling a bag of bowling bowls behind me (hey alliteration without even trying!).  This year I decided I…

Needed: Anti-Concussion Bike Helmet

Anti-Concussion Helmet?

Last week I was cocky.  Well I am actually cocky most weeks, but last week maybe more so.  I was riding a log skinny that I consider challenging.  I had ridden it cleanly 4 times previously so on this particular day I felt fine as I started my awesomeness.  However, close to the end of the log…